Learning to swim is a life skill. Swimming is not only a great way,
to keep fit, it is also a lifesaving
skill. Swimming is a requirement
for various professions (i.e. the emergency services). The ability
to swim confidently can make a
whole range of interesting water
sports such as surfing, kayaking
and water polo accessible.

Learning to swim - a skill for life

Trowbridge ASC, beginners sessions take place at Bradford-on-Avon pool and follow a structured but gentle approach to encourage enjoyment and progress. Our qualified instructors aim to build the child's confidence and trust by teaching them through games of guided discovery.

Learning to swim is also important for the safety and wellbeing of any child. Drowning is one of the highest causes of accidental death in children worldwide. If children are taught the skills that will ensure their safety and confidence in and around water, it greatly helps to reduce the likelihood of such accidents.


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