Trowbridge ASC is run by a committee whose legal responsiblity is to make sure that the club has effective welfare and safeguarding policies and procedures in place and that it monitors and complies with them. All our policies are available to view on our members website. It is also the responsibility of the committee to ensure that all staff and volunteers are DBS checked to ensure they are safe to work within the club. The committee ensures that the club has effective procedures for handling allegations of abuse.

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Welfare: purpose and aims

Welfare and safeguarding within Trowbridge ASC is considered everyone's responsibility and as such our club aims to create the safest environment wihtin which every swimmer has the opportunity to achieve their goals. We will ensure that all members of the club are listened to and that appropriate action is taken. We endeavour to establish effective working relationships between parents, swimmers and colleagues. The overall aim is to resolve any issues and restore harmony within the club. Trowbridge ASC welfare policies aim to ensure that:

All our swimmers are safe and protected from harm.

All swimmers feel safe and adopt safe and healthy practices.

Swimmers, staff, club officers, visitors, volunteers and parents are aware of the expected behaviours' and the club's legal responsibilities.

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Reporting an issue

If you would like to report an issue please contact one of our Senior Designated Persons.
Boys Welfare Officer or
Girls Welfare Officer
If you have a general welfare concern, please use the appropriate contact us form in our members area.

TASC Policies

All the TASC policies and procedures can be found in the members area of our website. These are reviewed and updated annually or when there is a change in legislation.